Ordering process and Important notes

“Ordering process”

  1. Send me email with necessary information mentioned below.

  2. When our schedule meets, I will need details of your request;
    Main theme, graphics, words, your music, title and images.
    For musicians, I will need your sample music in mp3 or URL.
    Any past work are fine, as long as I can understand your intent.

  3. I will send you rough images and an estimate.
    I will make necessary changes based on your feedback then I will create the final image.
     ※There are no specific limitations to the number of revisions but usually up to three revisions.
     ※I will not able to revise once the final is finished due to the nature of my work.
     ※A half deposit need to be paid once we agree on the rough image prior to start working on the final work.

  4. I will send you the finished image in JPEG.
    Once the balance is paid and settled, I will send you high-resolution data on-line.

■ Data specification
  Photoshop PSD or TIF
  300-350 dpi CMYK color (Japan Color2001 Coated)
  600 dpi Monochrome binary/ grayscale

■ Expected schedule
 It takes1~2weeks to create rough image from the initial request and then about 2 weeks for the final image, totaling 3~4 weeks.
  ※This may change depends on the complexity of the work and other schedule.

■ Payments
PAYPAL, Wire transfer (you must bear any bank charges and fees.)

 “ Important notes” regarding the copyright and related issues

  1. The copy right, the author’s personal rights and the property rights for the images created all belong to Meimaro.
    Meimaro also possesses reproduction right for own exhibitions, publications, the use on the website, advertisement and the promotions.
     ※Inquire if you would prefer to own the copyright.
     ※I will not sell any products or prints of reproduction without consent.

  2. The client(s) to Meimaro own a part of the right to use of the final products, the images and the drawings (“the copyrighted materials” herein after) for the sale of the products, the use for a part of the products, the use on the website, the promotions and the advertisement after receipt of the copyrighted materials in addition to the settlement of the entire payments.

  3. Exercise of Meimaro’s author’s personal right「Identity retention rights」
    The client(s) do not have any rights to modify or revise the copyrighted materials.
    Trimmings, use of effects and unavoidable color changes are within the limitation up to the designer and the third party production.
    The aspect ratio and any changes differ from the intent of Meimaro are prohibited.
      ※It is Meimaro’s intent for the client(s) to have a full use of the copyrighted materials, small detailed limitations are not intended.
      Meimaro would appreciate if the client(s) have a prior discussion.

  4. Any illustrations, rough sketches are also the copyrighted materials.
    Meimaro is willing to discuss in a separate matter.

  5. The client(s) and Meimaro will discuss for mutual agreements any other issues not mentioned above.

  6. The client(s) understand all above prior to making a request.
    Please make necessary inquiry for any questions.